Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little ribbon for Christmas (and a pj crisis)

Little Yellow Bicycle and May Arts are teaming up this week for a little swapping.  I got some FABULOUS ribbon from them to coordinate with the Once Upon a Christmas line and it is sad to say but I did want to cover an entire 12x12 page with ribbon.  Even sadder is that I did cover it and it looked worse than a big, hot mess so it is going straight into an album without sharing.  Sometimes that happens.

Anway...  I found a bunch of Christmas pictures from last year that I had taken on my phone (always fun) and these really fit together.  All from Christmas Eve 2011.

Yes, they are wearing matching pjs.  Every year they have worn matching pjs since my second girl was born.  It is a tradition they now look forward to.  Yay me!!  It is getting a little harder now though because my oldest is no longer shopping in the kid section and Target stopped carrying Nick & Nora's which is what I have bought for the last 7 years!!  What am I going to do???

This red leaf ribbon feels like suede.  I love it and really think I need more. 

This chipboard "Believe" piece seems to sum it up for me.  Believing is awesome.

Well, I guess I need to start looking for the pjs.  Any tips on places to go to find some will be MORE than appreciated!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week 8 (I'm slipping....)

I'm only at week 8 in the kindergarten year.  I am still taking the pictures every day (Monday's is particularly funny) but I am behind with the pages.  This I think has to do with my following through.  But darn it, I need and will, step on this and get them caught up.  Someday...

But here is Week 8.

I used new Amy Tangerine stuff from American Crafts for this.  LOVE the pencil sticker!!

She is growing up too fast for me.  She is reading now and is a math wiz.  She loves school so much.  I love that she loves it but I miss her being with me all the time too.  I did not realize that I was THIS NOT READY for her to grow up.  You know what I mean?

In other EXCITING news, I did want to announce that I was picked for the new Evalicious design team beginning in January!!  I am so excited about this team.  If you are not familiar with Evalicious, Eve makes tags, stamps, flair and amazing art journals.  I love her stuff and have bought so, so much of it.  Anyway, check her shop out and I look forward to designing with them soon!!!

Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pink Paislee and Scor-Pal

This week Pink Paislee and Scor-Pal have teamed up to show how awesome the products work together.  I am starting off the week with a project where I used my Scor-Pal to make library pockets to house a bunch of journaling.

I love the Portfolio collection.  And I love how the library pockets worked with the whole office supplies theme.

Happy Monday all and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Coca-Cola Santa

So it is the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas music is playing continuously on the radio!  Yay!  The Christmas tree lot has officially opened and I am forcing my kids to help me haul up the boxes of decorations.  Good times.

One of the decorations I had as a kid was this cool Coca-Cola Santa.  He held a small bottle of Coke in one hand.  So cute.  As we have gotten older and had families of our own, my mom has given me and my sisters some of the old decoration we had as kids.  I did not get the Santa, my sister did, but I found this picture of me and him from 1977, so I had to scrapbook it.

Everything here is from Jenni Bowlin.  The papers are her new Christmas line.  I love how the Santa on the papers totally reminds me of the Coca-Cola Santa.

So I am heading out and enjoying the rest of my long weekend with the family.  I hope you are enjoying yours!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - well, if you celebrate.  Otherwise, happy Thursday!  I am at a point in my cooking that I have a couple of minutes, so I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday!

But no post here is complete without something scrapbooking, right?  So here is just one of the people I am so, so thankful for...

Even when she was only two, she was the sweetest mommy to her baby dolls ever.

I love the softness of the new Dear Lizzy line.  It totally rocks.  I think it will be another collection I use every single piece of.

Ok, back to the cooking!  Enjoy your day!!

And thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Right now... or maybe last week...

So, I am late getting this up.  Not great for a second try at a "right now" post, but oh well.  This was right now last Thursday, November 8th.  I was in North Carolina for an "Inspired Artist" event at Donna Downey Studios.  It was a totally fantastic weekend.  I recorded the "right now" after I was in my hotel room for the evening.

  • Wishing for the company of my husband (because I don't like being alone)
  • Covered in paints and mediums (which was so fun)
  • Inspired today (from being surrounded by all the fun supplies and people)
  • Tired now that the adrenaline is leaving (self explanatory)
  • Wondering is the girls are missing me at all (since dad is so much more fun)
  • Thinking I may call it an early night (see adrenaline rush above)
  • Excited for tomorrow's art (and I can say that the next day was even better!!!)
  • Hoping to come home re-energized with ideas (which I did, yay!)
Some details...

For this page I dug through random kits I had for all the pieces and then threw in some stuff I had laying around.  I really enjoy making a page this way.  

Have a great rest of your Thursday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas on the brain...

I guess that is what it is for me.  It seems like all I have been doing is Christmas projects.  This is after I was totally making fun of someone on Sunday who I saw driving down the road with a Christmas tree tied to the roof of their car.  I didn't know you could even buy trees already.  (Yes, I know, not nice of me to make fun, but seriously a tree... ALREADY???)

But I have another Christmas project idea for you.  A Christmas countdown in magnet form.

There is one magnet for each day leading up to Christmas.  The girls can take one down each night and have their little excitement as we get one day closer.  And my fridge looks pretty and festive too!

I made these magnets with Little Yellow Bicycle's Once Upon a Christmas collection.  And when my girls came home from school and saw them on the fridge, I got a bunch of girlie screams because they love them so much.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stocking up on Christmas tags

I am being good and trying to get my Christmas gift wrap ready BEFORE December this year.  Yay! And when I got to see up close the new Once Upon a Christmas line by Little Yellow Bicycle I knew it was PERFECT for some Christmas gift wrap tags.

These are all 3X6 inch tags that I cut out of kraft cardstock.  They are not perfect, I just cut them myself.  The traditional and cozy colors of this line and kraft are a great match.

My whole though is to match these tags up with kraft wrapping paper for a classy, rustic look.

This "Peace on Earth" star die cut put Christmas carols in my head.  

Plus, the is VELLUM TAPE back with this collection!  I used almost an entire package of it for this one tag, but that is ok.  It looks so cool with the kraft cardstock behind it.

So Christmas crafting has begun!!  It seems early, but December will be here before I know it.  Have you started???

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stooping by!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

cross country is over...

For me, I am missing it.  I love watching my girl race.  She is so fast and serious about it.  What could have been the last meet of the season wasn't because she ran so well that she qualified for state!  Yippee!  But this meet is what she had been training for all season.  State is just the icing on the cake.

The day before the meet her coach challenged her to drink an entire gallon of water.  She carried the gallon jug around with her all day - with a straw.  She drank about half until the boys from the team decided to share it.  Yuck.

After the big win, we headed to the computer store and picked up her new laptop.  Ah, the joy.  I think these two days were the best in her life.  Then the days following with her high school celebrity status.  Oh yes, life is good.  And definitely worth documenting.

This is a page a created with whatever I had out.  New purchases that had not yet been put away, color mists my kids had been playing with and pieces of kits leftover from past months.  I love the tie dyed look.  Plus it is her favorite too.  Perfect for her.

Well, as I sit here waiting for track season, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude and more Jenni Bowlin

It is November, now 2nd, and like so many others, I want to participate in expressing my thankfulness. It is something I should do everyday at least in my life with those around me, but for November, I am going to make a point to record my thankfulness as well.  I did this last year as well, following Tessa Buys' "Attitude of Gratitude".  She is a fellow scrapbooker and incredibly talented and she was the whole reason I did this last year.  And I am so glad I did.  So it is time again to do this.

I created cards for the pockets of Project Life page protectors and since I had an epic fail with Project Life this year, I have LOTS of page protectors to choose from.  My first 10 days of November have journaling cards made with the November Jenni Bowlin kits.

Now I have my one for the first already filled out.  It is about my 8 year old.  She's a cool kid.  Anyway, so I used pieces form all of the november kits as well as the cutouts.  I love the way it looks and I am ready.  No excuse for not recording my gratitude each day - well, at least until the 11th.

And I also have two more pages from the November kits.

So that is all for today.  Maybe it is time for my weekend to begin...

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

School Weeks 6 & 7 with November JBS

Today is the first which means it is time for the Jenni Bowlin November kits to be revealed!!  Have you seen them??  I love them and was thrilled to see the colors.  It was exactly what I was in the mood for.

I have two pages today that I worked on with the November kits.  I am trying to get caught up on our kindergarten weeks, so here are weeks 6 and 7.

Week 6 was short because the first three days was fall break.  We were at the beach.  Yay!  I used a fair amount of the mini album kit in this.  I love the crazy Thickers that come with it.

And here is week 7.  Back to a full week of school.

I decided to make it into a grid format so that I could fit more of the great embellishments on it that come in the kits.  

Tomorrow I will be back with more pages from this month's awesome kits!

Have a great Thursday and thanks for stopping by!