Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagram pics on pages

I have always loved my iPhone. Now that I have become aware of all the fabulous photo apps for my iPhone, I love it even more! I have a number of photo apps, but honestly, I use Instagram the most. I love the filters and how easy it is and that I can post straight to Twitter and Facebook. Plus, I really enjoy scrapbooking pictures from Instagram. So often those everyday, simple moments are captured only by my phone. Funny how I consider my phone to be one of my cameras. It wasn't too long ago that my dear hubby saw no reason for me to have a camera phone, because he saw no reason for me to ever actually need one. LOL. Oh have times changed!

So, last week on the American Crafts blog, we were using our our Instagram photos on a bunch of pages! Yay!

So totally fun.

Do you scrapbook your camera pics? What photo apps do you enjoy using?

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Training with Yoda, she is

This summer has been so great for lots of reasons, but one of the cool things I got to do was to meet - face to face - my friend Angie. We have "known" each other via email for two years and over the phone since December, but we live quite a distance from each other. But Angie and her family came down here this summer and we had a blast! She has a page of our girls together here.

One day we took them on an unofficial tour of downtown Atlanta. We wound up in the CNN Center, which honestly my girls find pretty boring, but once we wandered into the gift shop, they were happy. While looking around we found Yoda and all three of mine needed a quick picture with him.

LOL. It made the whole detour into the CNN Center livable.

One of my favorite lines from American Crafts this past year was Chap. So awesome!!! I loved the boyish papers. Not that I have boys, but sometimes those colors just work better, dontcha think?

I hope your weekend is going splendidly! Thanks for stopping by here!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Jenni Bowlin CHA Coverage

I showed one of the pages I made for Jenni's booth earlier this week, and I have another for you today! This one I used Magpie, the stencil paper and the stamp perforated paper.

I love the colors in Magpie. So soft and feminine. And those stencil papers are just one of the coolest things.

It's Friday all. Enjoy it!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The August kits are coming!

For Jenni Bowlin that is! These August kits are so incredible! Here is a little sneak of what I have been doing with them.

The colors are amazing!! And just a few more days before you can see the whole kit!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Not the wedding singer...

She was the flower girl. And the self appointed pre-wedding dancer. We had to be at the venue for dear hubby's cousin's wedding way early. We didn't have anything to do, a couple of pictures she had to be in, but that's all. I knew this was possibly a recipe for disaster with a five year old in a pretty ivory dress.

Thank goodness the instrumentalists were there practicing too. She loved the acoustic music and danced and danced and danced. She had the whole dance floor to herself, so she was spinning and jumping and shaking it. She was a little flushed by the time it was show time, but clean!

For this page I used a mix of Dear Lizzy Neapolitan and Amy Tangerine Sketchbook. (Still two of my favorite lines from last CHA.)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!! I hope the rest of this week flies by!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Jenni Bowlin CHA and a winner!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!! Have you been keeping up with all the CHA coverage, new releases and INCREDIBLE scrapbook goodness soon to be coming our way??? It is all so great!

I was happy to work with some of Jenni Bowlin's new fun stuff - LOVE! These tags are fabulous!

Here is a page I created using them.

The tags are not the only new item on this page. I used Wren papers, the Important Fill In clear stamp, and the Tiny Little File Folders. You can see all of that and more here and here.

As for the winner... (I know you are all hoping it was you) from the Jenni Bowlin Hotel Key Holder blog hop last week. The winner has been chosen by And it is...

Brenna Fulcher
July 19, 2012 10:45 AM
What a great idea, love the way you incorporated all the sewing items as well as pictures of your grandmother. Great tribute!

Way to go Brenna!! Email me at saltyair05 {at} with your email address so I can pass it along for you to receive your $20 gift card to the Mercantile!

Have a happy Monday everyone. I am totally not wanting to get back into the swing of things today, but I guess I will force my way through it! LOL.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Doodle Cards with American Crafts

I have a scrappy friend who is an unbelievable doodler. She just rocks it. I love her work because it is so original and cool. So when I was asked to make some cards with doodling, I really used her as an example and just went to town. It was fun.

Everything on these cards is American Crafts. And I have more cards for my stash.

Have a great Monday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A random photo

I was looking for photos that inspired me to scrapbook the other day and had worked my way into a folder on my computer where I had stored my 8 year olds birthday pics. I had scrapbooked a few of them on a page last fall, but nothing since. But I had a whole big file of edited photos just sitting there! Ah, the problem with digital files, right?! They too easily can get stashed on the computer and never move off! Well, so many of these just made me so happy to look at that I had to scrapbook one.

She is so cute. I did not have a story for this photo, not a big deal, but I did want to talk about her, so there is some hidden journaling back there. It is all just about what she is like today. It is a time marker for me. Although the thought of my girls wanting all these books someday is heartwarming for me, I do not think it will really happen that way. Instead I make pages that will help me remember who they were at whatever point in time. They will visit us and say "remember when we did ..." and the events will come back to me, but who they are today and their likes and dislikes, their features and toothless grins will probably not be what they talk about. At least not in the way I see it right now. Those are the things I want to remember. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I hope your week has been awesome. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Punched Shapes with Pink Paislee

Raise your hand if you like punches. ME!!! I love them. I (wrongly) thought that when I got a die cut machine that I would have no use for my punches, but boy that was not the case. I am so glad I did not get rid of them because I still use them as much as I did before. They are so easy and they are RIGHT THERE. No set up, just READY! So when I needed to create a page and use my punches for Pink Paislee, I knew it would be an easy one.

I love the butterfly punches the most! I have gotten a TON of use out of these punches.

This picture was from my daughter's 8th birthday, so it is a little dated as she is counting down the days until she turns 9. Man, time goes too fast.

This page is a mix of lines but I used a lot of the She Art line. You can see the list of supplies over on the Pink Paislee blog today.

What is your favorite punch?

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am all about summer now

Seriously, summer is so much fun. I love that we can travel and hang out and get up late (not that I do this very often, but the girlies do). I love seeing movies and having a loose schedule. Of course, we fill our time up, but at least it is not with a lot of homework.

The girls really enjoyed when we went to my parents house for a week and got a lot of use out of their pool in the backyard. So much fun!

I used up my package of vellum tape from The Escape collection by Little Yellow Bicycle for behind my photo. This stuff is awesome! Lots of patterns. But not too much that you have to store it for long.

Well, I hope you are enjoying your summer! Anything fun going on??

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jenni Bowlin Studios Hotel Keyholder Blog Hop

Yep! That is right you have landed here at the Jenni Bowlin Studios Hotel Keyholder blog hop. If you are just landing here and have not been following the hop, you can start at the JBS Inspiration Blog and see Jenni's key holder then follow through. Just a way to possibly pick up a great prize!

So have you seen the hotel key holders? They are currently in the shop.

I was excited about playing with one.

I recently inherited my grandmother's old sewing machine. She's still around. I got to see her a couple of weeks ago. But she is not able to use this anymore.

It is the one she taught me how to sew on when I was 10 or so and it really holds a lot of memories of her for me. Anyway, with it I got a box of stuff of hers that went with the machine. I decided the hotel keyholder was the perfect thing to use to make a little tribute to her.

This is her in her younger years.

I love the new kraft Flag Tags. They are great for just a little extra something.

And the new plain chipboard quilt stars. This just reminded me of her. She was a great quilter.


Y'all, leave a little comment here for me and you will be entered to win! I am giving away this

to one lucky winner! I am cutting it off and choosing a winner at 3PM EST time on Friday, July 20th.

Ok, on to your last stop. Lisa is waiting for you!!

Happy Hopping!

Friday, July 13, 2012

So exciting!

I didn't know how this would work and as my time has been coming closer and closer to an end, I have been more sad about it ending. But I am super excited to be able to announce that I am getting a second year on the American Crafts design team! Another dream come true!

Check out this amazing list of designers!

Allison Waken - from Phoeniz, AZ
Amy Heller - from Newtown, CT
Andrea Budjack - Orlando, FL
Angie Gutshall - from James Creek, PA
Becky Williams - from Wolfforth, TX
Carina Lindholm - from Koping, Sweden
Corrie Jones - from Dallas, GA <=== ME!!
Erin Stewart - from El Paso, TX
Heather Leopard - from Cypress, TX
Jenny Chesnick - from Brooklyn, MD
Jill Cornell - from Windsor Heights, IA
Kimberly Neddo - from Bigfork, MT
Leah Farquharson - from Lauderhill, FL
Leslie Ashe - from Fort Worth, TX
Lilith Eeckels - from Bertogne, Belguim
Melissa Mann - from Pensacola, FL
Michiko Kato - from Japan
Monika Glod - from Krakow, Poland
Paige Evans - from South Pasadena, CA
Patricia Roebuck - from Mandeville, LA
Sophie Crespy - from Saint Jean De Maurienne, France

I love that this list is ladies that I have followed myself, ones that I have worked with before, and that I KNOW!!! I know it is going to be an amazing year!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Haircuts

We are a house full of girls, well, all besides dad. And there are some things that the girls all love, even girlie things, which is a big thing since I have a couple of tomboys on my hands. One thing EVERY girl in this house LOVES is going to get our hair done. Oh yeah!

We had hair day not too long ago and all four of us trucked over to the hair dressers house for a few hours of greatness. The girls all had been planning what they were going to do. Baby girl was getting all hers cut off, about six inches, into her summer bob. The oldest was keeping her length but adding in lots of layers. And my middle girl really didn't care about the cut. She just wanted our hair wizard to make it all wavy. (It is naturally wavy, but the hair wizard can really bring that out.) Me, I needed to cover the grey.

I think we were there for 3 hours, maybe more. It was so awesome! And everyone felt like a hair model when we were done. The bob was ADORABLE. The lots of layers made her age at least 2 years. WOW! She looked great. And the waves. She looked like she was a supermodel. (And yes, my grey was gone. YAY!)

These are the moments I love to scrapbook.

It is just an Instagram shot, but that is ok. The pictures don't have to be perfect. Thank goodness for that, right? You just don't want to miss the moment.

Have a great Thursday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Escape by Little Yellow Bicycle

I know the sneaks of all the new scrappy goodness are all over the place right now, but The Escape by Little Yellow Bicycle is now hitting stores! YAY! I worked with it over the weekend and really loved the colors and all the fun embellishments.

These are the faces of my youngest while driving for hours and hours. We go everywhere by car. She has never been on a plane. With five of us, it just gets a little pricey, you know what I mean? Anyway, here she is as we drive and drive and drive. Maybe it will get a little easier for her when she learns how to read.

I love the flags in this line. They are so cute!

The LYB Design Team has more travel pages up on the blog today, so make sure you check those out!

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Gallery for JBS!

It is gallery time for the July 2012 kits from Jenni Bowlin. I love these kits. The colors are just amazing. Here is what I came up with. Make sure you check out the rest of the design team work. Totally awesome!

Thanks for stopping by!

New Stuff From Pink Paislee

The new awesomeness from Pink Paislee is being shown off today - well, this week over on the Pink Paislee blog. It is all so great. I love CHA time. All the beautiful papers and embellies. Ahhh....

Anyway, I got to work with the Portfolio collection which is being displayed today. LOVE it! It is so many of my favorite colors and I love the "office supply" look.

So fun!

There are more new releases too. Look at these!

For the Artisan collection I played with mists.

Are you getting excited for all the new stuff??? To see the new collections in their entirety, watch the Pink Paislee blog this week!

Thanks for stopping by!