Thursday, December 20, 2012

A moment...

I am seeing a trend about myself...  I am BEHIND!  Sad but true.  The holidays, well, the holiday preparations are kicking my butt and I am feeling overwhelmed and crazed and nothing seems to be really happening when my best laid plans are wanting it to.  This page for instance...

My monthly moment.  Where I am on the 8th each month.  Yep, it is the 20th, but this was me on the 8th.  Not as cray cray as I am feeling now, but noticing how maybe it will quickly be out of control.

  • looking forward to a Christmas party I had that night with some of my best friends...
  • sleepy because of the early mornings.  (wishing for one day to sleep in.)
  • planning out  new career.  
  • nervous about trying something new.  (this was a recipe for the party that night.  i had never tried it before.  eeks!!  luckily it was great!)
  • afraid i really screwed up.  (this was work - old career that i still do.  it all ended up ok but it was an embarrassing mistake on my part.)
  • ready for the decorations to be up.  (i usually have this up the day after thanksgiving and this year it dragged on WAY TOO LONG!)  
  • wanting to enjoy the time.  (this is my wish every year.  and i do, but i have daydreams of relaxed days that i can just have fun activities with my girls and not feel the rush, rush, rush.  this is something i need to work on.)
  • thinking that Christmas is really coming fast!  (and it is almost here!!!!  where did my december go???)

So how are you all doing this time of year??  I am excited but still feel like there is too much.  I think it is mostly in my mind and like always it will totally end up awesome.

Have a great day all.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. this is so cool! What a great way to document how you are feeling!

  2. Love your layout! It's not only awesome to look at but it's interesting to read your journaling. I think it's ok to be nervous about trying something new. Hope you find the courage to walk on new paths (whatever they may be). Good luck!!!

  3. Really great page, I love the concept!!

  4. Nice idea.. just to sit and think what I am today. Oh, and good reason to use different alphas=)