Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scrap Vintage with help from Jenni Bowlin

I do not scrapbook purely vintage very often but I love to incorporate vintage items into my regular pages.  But I pulled out this vintage dress pattern paper from an older Jenni Bowlin Antiquarian kit and I immediately thought of my grandmother.

She is so special to me.

Vintage bits and pieces are so unique.

The colors of vintage papers are warm and comforting.

Mixing in current papers is really easy to do.  These journaling strips are cut from some of the new Jenni Bowlin perforated papers.

Do you scrap vintage???

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  1. What a beautiful page to showcase how very pretty and vibrant she used to be. I lost my Grandmother to Alhzimer's disease ........I understand. When I see your layout, it brings me back to my vintage pages of my Grandmas.

  2. this is awesome! i have lots of pics similar of my grandmother and great-grandmothers...