Monday, October 15, 2012

Right now...

Well, really this was "right now" last week.

I decided to try scrapbooking myself more. Sort of like a journal of sorts to just kind of not forget that I am a part of this whole thing. Right? I definitely love to scrapbook my kids and all and me and my hubby. But just me is rare. Beyond rare even.

But I am important to my own story so I am going to make a point to do this exercise once a month at a minimum. I picked a random date. The 8th. No significance, just that was the day I decided on this project, so that is it.

Here was me on the 8th.

Nope. Not the happiest of people on the 8th. I actually even considered waiting on this until I felt better, but then how real would that be?

This is a project for myself and if I cannot be real to myself, who can I be real too? So "blue" it is. Things are better now. I am not blue now. So let me try something here...

Sad from a visit.
But thankful that the visit itself was POSSIBLE.

Tired of being in my car.
But thankful that I have it to get my kiddos around SAFELY.

Sore from the gym.
But thankful that I am doing something to get in SHAPE.

Missing my hubby.
But thankful that I get to see him each day even if it is just for a few minutes.

Wanting a friend.
But so thankful that I have OTHERS there for me.

Scared of test results.
But thankful for a doctor that CARES about my health.

Heavy with worry.
But thankful that my daughter is working hard to make things CHANGE.

Needing an attitude adjustment.
But thankful that it seems to have HAPPENED!

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. it is not often that we scrapbook about ourselves, and from the heart. I hope you are ok today, that the test results are fine. you DO have a friend in France , even if only via email, if ever you need!!
    gorgeous layout.

  2. What a brave post and LO. I hope you can look back at it soon and say that you are no longer in that blue place that you were then.

  3. Love this. What a great idea to do this!
    Thought I'd let you know that on the day that you did this -- I scraplifted you!!!!
    (and I think scraplifts are compliments)

  4. I love this too! I think of all the pages I create ....not one is just me! Hmmm....what a wonderful idea!

  5. This page is just too beautiful! I love everything about it! Even the subject, I am sure letting go of bad things on paper make you feel a lil bit better :) Thanks for sharing both the LO and this day of your life!!

  6. Love that you scrapped yourself!! Always remember I'm your friend for always! HUGS!!