Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My girls woke up this morning SO EXCITED for tonight!!  Candy!!  Costumes!!  Fun!!  Oh yes, they are going to have a blast.  Even my teenager decided she was going out with her sisters tonight.  She doesn't know what her costume is going to be yet, but she will pull something together.  And I called the Snickers bars.  They are my favorite!!

But something else that we do every Halloween is carve out pumpkins.  I wait until the day of because no one likes a rotting pumpkin.  Yuck.  So as soon as they get home from school.  We are carving.  Four years ago I carved the faces of the presidential candidates in my pumpkins.  I am not tackling that again, it was a lot of work.  But I do like to go with a theme for mine.  I am thinking an ocean theme this year.  And of course we will have some traditional jack-o-laterns as well.  It is too much fun not to do many pumpkins.

Last year, my youngest got really into carving with me.  Yay!  One of them did!!  To celebrate Halloween, I made a page about it for Little Yellow Bicycle.

I used Acorn Hollow and my Cameo to cut out the pieces of the pumpkin and then added about all of the leaves in the entire collection.  Love it.

I hope you all have a great day and a fun Halloween (if you celebrate).

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i love this!! so clever! (again!!) hope you are fine!

  2. Oh wow! Stunning lo, so very creative!

  3. That is a fabulous idea!!! I have pix of my boys carving, but couldn't come up with a good LO idea! NOW I do---thanks!

  4. Oh wow, LUV the oversized pumpkin you made 4 this LO-it's too cool!! I may just have 2 borrow this page design, LUV EVERYTHING about it!! : )