Monday, August 27, 2012

My girl is always fun

She really is. It is just her personality. Everything and everyday is a party. I love her half full outlook, how she loves to laugh, and easily she sees the good side. I wish I was more like this myself.

So when I decided to create a layout using all the new SRM border stickers it was pretty easy to decide who I was going to scrapbook. The border stickers are just so happy and fun that it had to be be my littlest girl.

Bright. Happy. Fun. Totally.

And a great way to start a Monday!

Have a great day all! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Bright and easy! As always wonderful!

  2. Such a cool and creative way to use the border stickers. You definitely captured fun. :)

  3. Well this page just totally popped out at me and caught my eye! You sure translated "fun" here! Those border rub ons are awesome! Your whole page really brings the focus on the photo!