Monday, August 20, 2012

3rd grade and a new school

We changed the schools this year. It was a good change. The old school was wonderful, but so is the new. This was a change desired by one, not really thought about for one, and dreaded by one. You'd think that the oldest would be the one that was fighting the change. I mean, right before high school and all, but she was actually the one looking forward to it. Because for her it all boiled down to friends. Well, for my rising 3rd grader, it all boiled down to friends and that is why this change was awful for her.

She has had the same bestie since kindergarten and they have been lucky enough to be in the same class for three years. Well, leaving her was the hardest thing for my girl to deal with. It was months of anxiety and heartache. I felt so bad for her but as a parent, I knew that the choice to change was the right one. We have had so many conversations about this and she just struggled. I think the fact that we only live 15 minutes from her best friend just made it worse to move schools because were weren't moving far away.

So Monday, the first day of school finally arrived and it was great for everyone else - just fine for my 3rd grader. She was blah about the whole thing. I knew something was up. And once I got her talking the truth came out. She missed her friend. She was afraid she would be replaced. And in turn she was afraid she would replace the bestie with a new one. She felt guilty because it was a great day, she made new friends and was happy. Ahhh... poor baby. We talked more. I told her it was okay for her to have friends at school. She needed that! But that doesn't mean the BFF bond between the two of them was going away. It would still be there. I think she listened some, understood some and went into Tuesday a little better.

And Tuesday was a great day - and she said so.

I journaled the whole story...

And I finally used the new stencil I bought. Love it!

Most of the stuff I used for this page are what is left of my Dear Lizzy Neapolitan collection. I am down to the scraps! I can't wait for the new releases!!!

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I loved reading this post, I loved the story and I loved that you shared it with us. Thats the thing I love most about scrapbooking, keeping wonderful stories like this forever and ever. Totally love the freckles.
    I would be beside myself if I was only down to scraps of any Dear Lizzy range LOL. I always keep a secret stash and don't use it until the next range comes out.

  2. Beautiful portrait of a beautiful model! My school friendship lasts 35 years. This is great!

  3. What a wonderful post.
    My soon-to-be second-grader is in a quite similar situation.
    She is changing schools too. And leaving her BFF behind. We aren't moving but she got accepted to a gifted program which means going to a new school. It was a tough decision, but in the end I hope it all works out.

    Beautiful page! Amazing that you have already scrapped the experience. It's inspiring to see such a meaningful AND beautiful page in one.

  4. This was such a touching story!! I'm so happy she made new friends and since they are close she can still see her old friends! Love the layouts and the stencil looks great!!

  5. Such a sweet story, Corrie. Love what you did with the stencil. The layout is awesome!

  6. Awesome layout. Love the story and the hidden journaling. Great page!