Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagram pics on pages

I have always loved my iPhone. Now that I have become aware of all the fabulous photo apps for my iPhone, I love it even more! I have a number of photo apps, but honestly, I use Instagram the most. I love the filters and how easy it is and that I can post straight to Twitter and Facebook. Plus, I really enjoy scrapbooking pictures from Instagram. So often those everyday, simple moments are captured only by my phone. Funny how I consider my phone to be one of my cameras. It wasn't too long ago that my dear hubby saw no reason for me to have a camera phone, because he saw no reason for me to ever actually need one. LOL. Oh have times changed!

So, last week on the American Crafts blog, we were using our our Instagram photos on a bunch of pages! Yay!

So totally fun.

Do you scrapbook your camera pics? What photo apps do you enjoy using?

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am an instagram addict!!! I'm thinking about doing a layout with some of my favorite photos from that app, but I haven't yet! This has inspired me! :-)

  2. I am an Instagram junkie too! Now I just downloaded Instagram Frames! So cool to make collages! This is a fabulous LO!

  3. I love using Instagram pics for layouts. Your layouts are amazing!! :)