Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I am all about summer now

Seriously, summer is so much fun. I love that we can travel and hang out and get up late (not that I do this very often, but the girlies do). I love seeing movies and having a loose schedule. Of course, we fill our time up, but at least it is not with a lot of homework.

The girls really enjoyed when we went to my parents house for a week and got a lot of use out of their pool in the backyard. So much fun!

I used up my package of vellum tape from The Escape collection by Little Yellow Bicycle for behind my photo. This stuff is awesome! Lots of patterns. But not too much that you have to store it for long.

Well, I hope you are enjoying your summer! Anything fun going on??

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love how the pic is straight and the strips are tilted. Very neat effect!

  2. Super! I like it , very much!

  3. OMG those patterns are so cool! Love how you showed them off!

  4. очень красиво получилось!!отличное применение скотчу))

  5. Cool design and great use of the vellum tapes!!

  6. ROFL That's what I get for commenting from the phone. Snort.

    Love. It.

    1. Leah, you crack me up. So funny, but when I saw your first comment it was as an email so I did not know it was you. I thought it was my longtime friend - so I thought nothing of the "Love you". LOL.