Thursday, July 19, 2012

A random photo

I was looking for photos that inspired me to scrapbook the other day and had worked my way into a folder on my computer where I had stored my 8 year olds birthday pics. I had scrapbooked a few of them on a page last fall, but nothing since. But I had a whole big file of edited photos just sitting there! Ah, the problem with digital files, right?! They too easily can get stashed on the computer and never move off! Well, so many of these just made me so happy to look at that I had to scrapbook one.

She is so cute. I did not have a story for this photo, not a big deal, but I did want to talk about her, so there is some hidden journaling back there. It is all just about what she is like today. It is a time marker for me. Although the thought of my girls wanting all these books someday is heartwarming for me, I do not think it will really happen that way. Instead I make pages that will help me remember who they were at whatever point in time. They will visit us and say "remember when we did ..." and the events will come back to me, but who they are today and their likes and dislikes, their features and toothless grins will probably not be what they talk about. At least not in the way I see it right now. Those are the things I want to remember. Am I making sense?

Anyway, I hope your week has been awesome. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Totally LOVE all those strips!!!!

  2.'ve inspired me, yet again.

  3. Godd idea!!!


  4. Уау! Какая отличная идея!