Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I am 36.

I was actually kind of freaking out about this birthday not too long ago. I mean, this means I am closer to 40 than to 30 and right now, 40 seems old. (Of course, I know it is not old, but bear with me.)

I remember when my mom turned 36! She had my baby sister that year. She was young and cool. All my friends though she was awesome. She was! I don't know if I am like that. I guess I could ask my oldest, but she is good at building me up, so she might just lie to make me happy. She is a good girl.

So instead of wallowing in "old-ness" I have a bunch of things that are making me happy today. Let me share.

Awesome things about turning 36 today...

This card. Thank you mom! (I love how her cut off finger is laying on her table.)

I found this magazine at Barnes & Nobles! Yay!!!

This girl. She is more excited about my birthday than anyone and keeps talking about my party. I wonder if I am having party hats!


My girlfriends, who I get to spend some time with today - even if it is sort of working.

I get to see this movie!!

And that is just 6 things! There is so, so much more. I guess turning 36 is truly good!

Have a great weekend all! I will.


  1. Happy Birthday!
    And thank you for your lovely blog

  2. Happy Birthday! Let us know if you had party hats .......

  3. Happy Birthday!!! OH Hunger Games I'm actually going to tomorrow w/my son. & Hey 36 not so bad although I keep looking in the mirror & say HUH how the heck did I become that age already? lol (Nov. was my bday)

  4. happy birthday Corrie!! don't worry about being 36! you look great and you are so talented!! dreams are timeless!

  5. Happy Birthday Corrie! You deserve a big ole party! I hope your day was great and you still look like your in your 20's!