Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A fun assignment for December from American Crafts was a page makeover. AWESOME! I love getting to do this.

So here is the one and only Christmas page I did for Christmas 2009...

The part about this page that cracked me up was the title. It is HUGE! And the spacing was awkward. Funny how our styles change. (This was before I truly fell in love/became obsessed/couldn't live without Thickers.)

So here is the new page using American Crafts products...

I like the centered white space better and the title really tells the story about the photo WAY better. Plus I like the more traditional colors of the American Crafts papers and embellishments. But no matter what, it was a fun project.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Have a joy filled day!


  1. oh yes!! your style did change! what a difference! although the first one was lovely, the makeover is fab!!

  2. Nice all the white space!