Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude Cards - American Crafts

Yesterday over on the American Crafts blog, I had a trio of gratitude cards posted. I am not a huge card maker. Actually I can count how many cards I have made in total on less than two hands. It is true! They just seem so formal and formal is just so not me. But still, I made three cards, and I loved them! Take a look!

I had a blast making these. It was kind of like three little scenes to me. All the new American Craft lines are on these cards except Christmas. I am using Christmas stuff now. (I needed to break out the Christmas music for that.)

In the spirit of gratitude cards...

Gratitude for Today - November 4th, 2011

I am grateful today for my inlaws. They are always so giving with their time and are always willing to help us out with our girls. They live three hours away and still they will come out every weekend if we have need them. They are so awesome and I cannot thank them enough for the tireless help they give us.


  1. You look like a pro card maker to me!!!! These are lovely!

  2. Your cards are FAB! Im not a card maker but u inspired me to give it a try with these ;)