Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Decor with Shimelle!

Forever ago, I bought this cool old window from a funky art store. I planned on making a window for my studio with this with a light and curtains and a painted sky. Well, that never actually happened. The window sat and sat and more than once almost was broken by a kid and a fast moving rocking chair.

About two months ago though I got an idea for a decor piece with it with tags and pictures and other fun stuff. I sketched it out thought about it a lot but still never got to it. Then Shimelle asked for a Christmas project for her Christmas Crafting Weekend and BAM! here was the reason for make my window!!

Here is my Christmas window.

It was so fun to make!! And now I have my first Christmas decoration of the season up! Normally, I hang a holly wreath above my fireplace, but when the family saw the window up there, they all voted and want to keep it up there instead of the wreath this year. That really made my day!

You want to learn how to make this? Well, there is a step by step tutorial up over at Shimelle's. There is a fun challenge and a chance at a shopping gift card!!! Plus, there are a TON of other great Christmas tutorials and inspiring things to try. So I hope you will try some things out and please leave a link for me so I can check out your fabulous Christmas projects!! I would LOVE to see them.

Gratitude for Today - November 13th, 2011

I am grateful for coffee. It is one of my favorite drinks. It smells so good and is hot and comforting. Oh mornings would not be the same without that incredible drink!


  1. This is fabulous! I love it! Makes me wish I had one of these windows!

  2. You oooooze with talent Corrie! I'm your biggest fan!