Tuesday, November 29, 2011

American Crafts and dreaming of warmer weather

It is freezing here today. Two days ago it was muggy and warm. It was about two weeks ago, I had to turn on the A/C it got so warm. And today, I feel like an icicle. So I am of course dreaming of warmer weather, preferably with sand and waves.

My dreaming lead me to the summer's beach pictures. Even though my mind is headed towards Christmas, the ocean lover in me always craves the beach.

Bright, cheerful and it looks warm!!!

Thanks, American Crafts for providing basically EVERYTHING on this page. I just had to add in two washi tapes (small pieces).

Gratitude for Today - November 29th

I am grateful today for a working heater, both in my house and in my car. Brrrrrr.....


  1. Corrie, another cracking LO, brilliant. You're right, so warm and bright (a nice change from the weather)
    Love all of the colours, washi tape, ribbon, elements, beautiful :)
    Sorry I haven't popped by for a while, I've missed having the time to see and comment on your work :)

  2. This is absolutely GORGEOUS, Corrie! LOVE all those bright, happy colors! And your design is over-the-top!

  3. Wonderful layout corrie! I am so steeling the design!

  4. Corrie many thanks for dropping by my blog :o) Thanks for your lovely comment! Made my day. Take care and good luck also with the gym..we might not be Gwyn's but we are trying right? LOL! Have a great day.

  5. Love this layout, totally rocks! Janna ;)