Monday, August 8, 2011

More fun then monochromatic

I am not a fan of monochromatic pages. They all just blend together to me. At least the ones I try do. I have seen others that are awesome, but mine are just plain boring. I guess it is just not my thing. But SNR changed theirs to be a color challenge, where the color of the month just needs to be the main color on the page. I judge mine like this. I look at the page and if it pretty much the color, I am good. Yeah, real technical, right?

Anyway, for June, the color of the month was turquoise/aqua. Fun colors!!! Here is mine.

I love this picture. I took them out for a photo shoot back in May and this is one of the shots I got. I love it because it really shows how different they all are. Plus it was fun creating the background with some Mr. Hueys and whatever turquoise/aqua stuff I had in my stash.

I hope you all had a great weekend! mine was too short. What about yours?


  1. Fabulous picture and I really love how you did the colors! Love it!