Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Night Cropping

I went cropping last night with some friends. Always a good time. I was there for 6 hours and only got two pages done. Yeah pretty pathetic. I was going to at least buy stuff for a color challenge too, but never even looked for that. There was a lot of laughing and talking and joking going on though. And I ended up spending way more money then I meant to, but I justified it because I bought a Smash journal for my first born for a Christmas gift. Yeah, a little early but those things sell out like CRAZY!

I had this picture of baby girl and my mom at the beach and even though you cannot see their faces, it is the coolest shot.

Until I showed my girlies the picture, I did not even notice how baby girl's little cheek was peeking out of her bathing suit. So cute! Once I realized this, it made the whole page idea even better.

I was going to call this something like "sandy legs" or "snack break" but calling attention to the cheek seems so much better. There are not many more times I can call attention to something so cute without complete humiliation.

For this page I used a Pencil Lines sketch and a Studio Calico kit. It took me three hours to create, but I sure had a good time!


  1. This layout is so cute!! Love the picture and perfect title!!

  2. love the banner and colors !! lovely!