Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 7.7

It has been storming like crazy here at night! Lightening, thunder, wind, hail. AWFUL! We have had power outages and freaky internet. It has been making for getting on the internet kinda sketchy at night. Luckily, at the crack of dawn, it is calm!

But today is a new sketch from Sketchy Thursdays!! Here is the sketch.

And here is my take on it.

Some close ups...

So my dear hubby was looking at this and asks me, "Don't you scrapbook anyone besides Baby Girl?" I had to explain to him that the other two are going through a not-so-fun phase right now with me and my camera. First born, as soon as she sees a camera anywhere in sight, instantly starts scowling like someone put something gross in her corn flakes. DD#2, on the other hand, seek the camera out and gives me all sorts of freako faces, so pictures of her come out with crazy eyes and vampire teeth. Baby Girl has her Forrest Gump thing where she either has her eyes closed or looking away in most pictures, but I have been dealing with that for almost 5 years now, so I am equipped to deal with it. So yes, most pages right now, are her. Hopefully, the other ones will grow out of their camera weirdness soon.

Have a great day! And make sure you get your pages linked up to Sketchy Thursdays for the chance at the prize. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love that font chipboard and amazing heart banner. Love it all! And Baby Girl makes a fabulous subject to photograph!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my page !! Your page is beautiful too and I love the banner !