Friday, May 20, 2011

A Pretty Picture

I spend so much time with Baby Girl and I truly do love it. She only goes to preschool so it is 4 half days a week that she is occupied, but that leaves a lot of time for the two of us to dork around without her big sisters. I never really imagined that I would treasure that time we have alone together. But as summer is quickly approaching, I am a realizing that for the summer, this time will soon be to an end. Thankfully, we have one more year of preschool (yay, to redshirting her for K!) so even though she will have preschool five days a week instead of four, we will still have time together each day to hang, just us.

So this schedule change has been on my mind lately, so I made a page for her! She is just so sweet. And I just love those gappy teeth!

I used a sketch I found on the October Afternoon blog.

Well, now I am off to get my other girls from school. The days past so fast!


  1. OOhh how adorable. I love the stitched heart. TFS.

  2. This is amazing Corrie! Love the stripes of paper! She is so darn cute :)