Saturday, May 28, 2011

A fun night and Elle's Studio sketch

Last night I had a blast with my scrapping buddies. We headed over to Archivers for a Friday night crop. What a great night full of laughs and talking and scrapbooking. The only problem with scrapping at Archivers is the money I spend while I am there! I guess they would think that was the point though. Last night I bought this...

I don't really know what I am going to do with it yet, but it is just so cute, how could I resist? And yes, I bought an extra pen. In my giddy brain last night I was sure I was going to use up my first one so fast that I had to get a second. I am crazy. Even worse, I convinced my new friend Desiree that she needed one too. She was an easy sell though since all I did was point her in the direction of the cute Smash video and she was buying. And then after showing them to Desiree, Karen's spark for the Smash journal was rekindled and well, she bought one too. Yikes!

I also met a scrapbooking celebrity last night!!! Well, he is a celebrity to me! Eric Erickson. I follow his blog. I love him! And after acting like a total idiot in front of my friends (as though it was Tim Holtz scrapping with us) I said hello, shook his hand and tried to not act like an idiot, although I am pretty sure I did. Seriously, this guy is awesome and I was ready to take him home. What a great night!

But I did a little scrapbooking too! I worked on the Elle's Studio sketch from 5.26. It was a little harder for me because of all the pictures and the two different halves. Plus, I did not finish it last night with all the talking and not being at home, so once I went back to it today, I had sort of lost my mojo. But here it is...

These pictures are making me crave some strawberries. Luckily there are some in my fridge right now! Ummm... I am off for some. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. oh Wow Carrie!! I love your take on the sketch!!!! you really used it is a personal way!! I guess you applied for the DT!! sure they would want someone like you on board!!

  2. Love the picture placement! Great design!