Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays 3.24 Sketch

Have I mentioned how much I love Sketchy Thursdays? Sketches are just so great...

Anyway, I have been working diligently in my photography class. I am starting to get the hang of my camera pretty well in full manual mode, which is great. Now I am really paying attention to the lighting at different times during the day. I took these around 5:30 on a Sunday evening after we had spent an incredible day outside! The weather has been so nice! DD#2 was on the swing set with her bff and I just didn't want to miss the incredible light from the sun that was setting but was soft and not real yellow. So even though the trapeze bar was in the picture, I still captured her pretty face.

Here is my take on it. I did love the stars and really could not substitute them with anything else!

And a couple of closeups...

Make sure you head over to Sketchy Thursdays and play along!


  1. I think the pictures are great, regardless of the bar. I would love to take a photography class. I've been trying to teach myself stuff in manual mode. I think I've got some of them down pretty well but it'd be so much more fun with instruction.

  2. Just brilliant! I love the photos and all the misting and stars! So artsy! And fun! :)

    Congrats on making the Sketchy Thursdays design team!!! :)