Friday, March 18, 2011

Just for me

After talking to a girlfriend yesterday, I decided that I needed to spend my scrappy time last night on a project just for me. I just needed to take a photo that I wanted to scrap and just do it. No guidelines, no supply lists, no theme, just something for me. The last couple of weeks have really been filled with projects for other places, which I have really enjoyed so don't get me wrong! But it was fun to throw a layout in there that was just a layout.

So here it is...

I took the photo over the weekend and when I was looking at it last night I realized this little girl was growing up way too fast. She doesn't even look like a little girl to me anymore! The time is flying by and I seem o be barely keeping up. Thank goodness for scrapbooking! At least I can look back at them when they were small!


  1. I love doing this, too—making something just because. And love this page!

  2. Love this! So simple and yet so wow!!