Thursday, February 10, 2011

Start over

If you had a chance to start it over, would you? Seriously. I don't mean a "do over" in that you go back to the beginning and try for a different outcome. I mean, if you have to chance to really make a significant change to your life, your world, everything you are used to, would you?

I have been thinking about this lately. Dreaming. Wondering about myself. Am I just a dreamer or could I be a do-er?

Can't imagine what I am talking about? Ok. Here you go...

For whatever reason, you or your spouse come into a sizable amount of money. Sizable meaning, more than you have ever seen but no millions of dollars lottery thing. But enough to really change your "normal". Maybe just enough to cover paying off your house, car or cars, student loans, and any credit card debts with enough left over to to have a cushion. Like $10,000. You can't retire, but wow, this could really change stuff, right? Maybe you are a Dave Ramsey nerd and you are getting all excited in that you could be free! Your suburban life just got easier and you can go to work everyday and not worry so much. Maybe your wife can stop working and stay home with your kids now. Maybe your husband can go look for his dream job. Maybe you can go back to school to advance your career. Maybe that private school tuition doesn't give you a stomach ache. Whatever. What an awesome change!


You pay it all off. Take the two paid for cars and trade them in for a used four wheel drive truck and a Jeep. (Still no payments.) You sell the house and all but your favorite belongings. You get the school records for your kids and take off and start over. Who has this chance? Maybe your heart has dreamt of being a ski instructor or surf school teacher. Maybe you long for desert sunsets or the ocean waves. Maybe you feel drawn to work the land or paint or teach others about Jesus. Maybe the solitude of a mountain cabin calms your soul. Whatever it is, you have the chance to leave behind your old life and start over. Could you do it?

I have wondered this about myself and about my family. Could we just change and leave, with basically nothing. No debt, but no stuff either, and downsize, live simply and happily on less than ever before. Would our lives be as rich or more so? Would our kids hate us forever or would they grow up thinking life is good? Could we change the path we are all on before the groove is so deep that there no way we could get out?

Could you do it?


Today's gratitude:

1. I am grateful we went ahead and let our oldest have a new friend over for a sleepover.
2. I am grateful my dear hubby gave me some alone time away from this girls this afternoon. I needed it.
3. I am grateful for my dreams of a simple life. They may be just dreams right now, but without them I would not have such a clear picture of what to work for.

1 comment:

  1. If I won the lottery or came into a huge sum of money, I think I could see my way clear to do a lot of traveling or buy that second house. But, I have too many roots here already to up and leave. I have family and friends here and my oldest isn't big on change. I love my house- even with the mortgage. I love having my own craft room with too much stuff in it. But, I would love to have the choice.

    Actually, for all our stuff (particularly my paper problem) and a good-sized house, we aren't really big consumers overall. We drive cars into the ground before replacing. We don't pay for cable TV or satellite radios. We don't buy the latest and greatest. We finally got our first HDTV this year and it is only 32". My sons will say their fav stores are costco and big lots.

    Honestly, I craved a bigger house but could have stayed smaller forever if I had been able to have stuff purged. I am glad we moved into a much better school district though. So, downsizing here would not be a big deal for me if we wanted to. But, it is too late - or too early- for me to take off somewhere else

    So, do I think people can live with and on less and be happy? Absolutely. Do I think you could? Yep. And kids are usually incredibly adaptable- much more so than us adults. As long as they are loved and cared for (which they obviously are), the kids would adapt to less things and be happy with more of whatever else :)

    But, you'd need to have a spare room for all the friends who'd have to come find you ;)

    Sorry for the novel- and you are welcome to delete this if you weren't really expecting an answer :P