Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not so much fun now

Day 4 and we are still home from school. The girls are getting stir crazy because it is freezing outside and they are all ready to be back with their friends. The roads are pretty good, so we are venturing out, but I have a crazy amount of work today and the distractions are just enough to make it near impossible to be efficient. Plus with them home all day, the house is getting more and more trashed and I just cannot seem to be able to keep up along with everything else. Needless to say, mommy is starting to go a little crazy.

My first project is up over at Better Living Through Scrapbooking. It is up for a little mid week inspiration.

This was a fun project. I rarely scrap anything about me, but one of my scrappy resolutions for this year was to do something about myself every now and then. I did it! Yay!

The second January challenge will be posted soon too! So check back. There is a awesome Tim Holtz prize pack you could win for playing.

Yesterdays Gratitude (I thought of them but did not get around to posting. We got home late.)

1. I was grateful that the roads were not that bad and we were able to get out to do something fun with my mom and sister.
2. I was grateful that the sun was out and worked on melting the ice.
3. I was grateful that I shoved the driveway the day before so I wasn't stuck at home. Knowing I was able to get out was calming.

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  1. This came out really well.... I thought about doing this challenge- but, I don't do resolutions or anti-resolutions :P